Rasta's respite rooms

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Re: Rasta's respite rooms

Post  Lozziieeyy on Mon Jan 14, 2013 8:44 am

Draken shrugged "Sounds like it would do me good at least. I feel horrible when I wake up every morning. But I suppose it's going to be different now I have something worth waking up for." He smiled "Yeah... I think we are good influences on each other." He smiled even more when he was described as the mountain again, and chuckled as she asked what he didn't like about her "I was joking" He nuzzled under her chin and chuckled some "I'm not the purring type, no..." He smiled when she complemented him and snuggled her closer with a wing.
(This just to even the posts Razz, and finish it properly. Locking~)

Creation all starts with imagination. Imagination starts with character. Character starts with Role-Play. Role-play starts with you. Be creative.

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