A wild Alisto appears!

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A wild Alisto appears!

Post  Dyrik on Fri Jan 11, 2013 8:17 am

Having finally found enough room in the old brain of mine, I decided to come here and make something random. Anyway! /o/

Venorag'nah Lenoceb .E

Race: Human
Vocation(battle): He deals in a wide range of fighting styles and weapons, but mostly prefers to use his fists, which are much more durable then they may seem.

*looks around and sees he forgot to put strengths and weaknesses*
Strengths: Treated (cursed, which can ) parts of his body to be impervious to near anything.
Weaknesses: He goes by a specific set of combat rules that he'd rather die then deviate from, as well as being horrible at defending from a certain type of frontal attack.

Trade: Nothing he makes will ever work the way you want, but it'll get the job done. Somehow.
Description: Blue eyes, pure black hair, exactly 6 feet tall, a little on the slim side, prefers to wear loose fitting brown shirt and pants. He has no main distinguishing features, but he has many cuts all over his hands and arms, along with the usual fist-fighter's callus on the hands. He also has a circle burned in the skin of his left shoulder, but it's usually covered by clothing.

Personality: He's one of those people who, while not always able to help, is always willing. He will follow anyone who needs help anywhere, but goes to lengths to avoid fights in a way that suggests cowardliness.

Quirks: ( The name up top is his full name, which he can't pronounce, so he instead goes by 'Lenoc' )
He will never make eye contact, and will instead seem as if he's looking through a person's head and out the other side.
Walks with a limp, even though he has no such injury to his legs or feet.
Gender: male
Age: Unknown, though from his size he's quite young
Prefers to hunt by camouflaging himself and waiting until something wanders past.
Personality: He seems sweet at first, but rarely gives any second chances at anything and can appear cruel in doing so.
Appearance: very dark spots of brown with the rest of the his body colored green. He is also small, though whether or not it's from his age or just how he is isn't known. His scales are also slightly softer then what is considered 'normal', as he hasn't yet had a chance to increase their strength, nor does he have any intention of doing so.
General stuff: Has all the 'normal' physical characteristics of a swamp dragon aside from his size and scale strength. (Can paralyze with a bit, tail, etc.)
Strengths/Weaknesses: While able to blend in nicely with any of his surroundings, he's not the strongest nor does he plan ahead very well. However, he is much more flexible then usual and can be seen as 'fast' because of, but in reality he just doesn't waste a movement.
Fighting style: He prefers to paralyze the victim and then mercifully kill it ( He doesn't like to play with his food ) His reactions are fast, but he often ends up receiving the worst of the encounter is he doesn't know who his opponent is (he could try to dodge, succeed, then smack into a tree. )

And so ends the description \o/ I give you all permission to spam message me over skype if I neglect to answer in a timely manner.

***I'm making this up as I go along, so still in progress**** Very Happy

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Re: A wild Alisto appears!

Post  SamusRisng on Fri Jan 11, 2013 8:58 am

*throws one-star dragonball at Wild Alisto*
*not very effective*

and hello Alice ^_^ Nice to have you here.

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Re: A wild Alisto appears!

Post  Lozziieeyy on Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:16 am

Welcome to the forum, finally, Alisto~

Creation all starts with imagination. Imagination starts with character. Character starts with Role-Play. Role-play starts with you. Be creative.

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Re: A wild Alisto appears!

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